Trying to EXERCISE YOUR Way to Weight Loss?

If so, you need to read this!

Fitness is fabulous and we believe it should absolutely be a part of everyone’s health and wellness plan. No sensible person would deny that. So, as you read this blog please be very clear: we ARE advocates of fitness! But …

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Has Your Doctor Mentioned “Metabolic Syndrome”?

We have shared content about this condition a few times before. But because its incidence continues to rise, we feel it’s important to consistently share about it.

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3 T’s to Help Trim Fat

A Quick Overview of the Activate DNA-Based Weight Loss Program.

We are routinely asked to share the “quick version” of what our program is all about.

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Why 15% of 2022 Matters!

We like to address this simple point every year. Whether you’ve seen it before or not, ask yourself this question:

WHAT IF ... the year was only 300 (or so) days long rather than 365?

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The 2 Most Important Words in Weight Loss

The concept we will address in this brief writing is one we have shared about previously. That’s been a while, but in our day-to-day work with weight loss clients this is a topic that comes up very frequently. There are definite differences among individuals who inquire or enroll in our program.

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