Limiting Mind Set #1: Toleration

To tolerate is defined in Webster’s Dictionary this way: to endure or put up with.

“Tolerations” are things we allow to exist at less than the desired level; un-wanted habits and results we allow to persist without properly addressing and/or resolving them.

“Tolerations” are the things we put up with day in and day out that do not enable us to BE the person we desire to be.

“Tolerations” tend to slowly accumulate a little bit at a time … like grease in the kitchen … taking the shine off life.

This mindset is true of many people who struggle with their weight. Maybe you do too?

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Does Your WAIST Challenge Lie Between Your EARS?

Yes, we realize that sounds weird. We also know that nobody likes “pop quizzes”. But, we’re going to start this blog a little different. Just to get you thinking, please solve this problem.

Now before we share the solution with you, answer this question: what shape do you see here as you work on the puzzle? It’s a square or a box, right?

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Science-Based Secret #7

Different Types of Fitness Fit Different Types of People!

It’s very, very difficult to exercise your way to skinny. SCIENCE repeatedly shows us that: Shifting what you eat, when you eat it, how much you eat and what you use to supplement that fuel plays a much more significant role in weight loss and weight stabilization that exercise alone. Still, fitness is a factor … it must be!

Yet it is another area where many Americans are behind in what SCIENCE has shown to be most effective. Study after study demonstrate that something called Short Burst Training has a much greater impact on fat burning. How particular activities affect different muscle types and thus the lasting fat burning effect is critical for you to understand in order to simplify fat loss.

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Science-Based Secret #6

Your D-N-A holds the answers for Y-O-U!

Talk about predictability … perhaps THE biggest and most important advancement in SCIENCE when it comes to understanding weight loss for a given individual is this one!

A well-known clinical study was done by one of America’s top universities, Stanford University. The purpose of the study was to determine if DNA testing may be effective in assisting people to lose weight.

When compared to other well-established weight loss programs (maybe some of those out there you’ve tried in the past), those people that were on a meal plan designed specific to THEIR genetic profile lost 2.5 times more weight AND they were much more successful in keeping the weight off compared to those not on an individualized plan. The science speaks for itself!

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Science-Based Secret #5

“Intermittent Fasting” Pushes Your Body to Burn Fat

The word “FASTING” is definitely one that is misunderstood. Once again, it’s something many folks are ignorant to. Many hear the word and think only of a spiritual practice. Most think you would be miserable and starving from any form of a fast … and that it would create the effect that we wrote about recently regarding “starvation diets”. But NO that’s not what we’re implementing with intermittent fasting!

What is Intermittent Fasting??

Put simply, it’s a pattern of eating. Intermittent fasting is not a “diet”.

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