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One last Intro piece!

An important underlying WORD in the Weight Loss War! The blog before last we hit on what we called the “WHY” of weight loss. The piece was entitled “What Weight Loss is REALLY About!”

In that brief writing, we shared stats and measures that really opened some eyes up regarding diseases, conditions and causes of death related to weight issues. There were reality checks shared right from very reputable sources. And yet, despite SCIENCE POINTING THOSE THINGS OUT … the trends continue to go the wrong way. Here is a couple other such numbers …

72 % of adults (3 of 4) are now overweight

AND the epidemic is starting VERY young,

40% of kids in America are overweight.

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Quit Your Ditchin’!

Hey! We are still going to move forward with the mini-series called “7 SCIENCE BASED SECRETS that simplify fat loss” (as mentioned in our last blog) but this day came up and we had to make a point about it … How fast does January seem to fly by? We are just a few weeks past the New Year’s Eve Ball dropping. How is 2018 going for you? Let me ask you this:

Did YOU make a New Year Resolution?

If so, let me ask you another question: Have you kept it?

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Weight Loss and The -ATION

Stevie Wonder wrote a song called Pastime Paradise and it inspired one of our own to write this article and how weight loss is all about the “-ATION”.

Many people are not sure if they can really make the changes that need to be made to finally lose unwanted pounds and they spend a lot of time in contemplation! They often feel like they are on an island and don’t have the support they need. It feels like isolation.

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Real Solutions to Fat Fighting Frustrations 5/5

Part 5 of 5

In the past month, we have hit four of the TOP frustrations our clients routinely share that they have experienced before coming to The Lifetime Metabolic Program. Here are the first four:

  • Frustration #1: Choosing the RIGHT Strategy
  • Frustration #2: “Cheating” on YOURSELF
  • Frustration #3: Not Seeing Quick Enough Results
  • Frustration #4: Feeling Miserable!

If you haven’t read them all, please do it! And, while we know there are many more for sure, here’s #5:

Frustration #5: Keeping the FAT off!

We tend to believe that THIS would actually be THE #1 frustration associated with weight loss. People work and work. They go through the frustrations and challenges. They feel like poo for a number of weeks or months. And they invest hard earned money into that effort. They make good progress … and then … ever so slowly … that darn fat starts creeping back on. Ugh!

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Real Solutions to Fat Fighting Frustrations 4/5

Part 4 of 5

At this point in this short blog series we’ve hit on three of the TOP frustrations clients share that they have experienced before coming into The Lifetime Metabolic Program. Let’s move on to #4, but before we do here’s a reminder of the first three:

  • Frustration #1: Choosing the RIGHT Strategy
  • Frustration #2: “Cheating” on YOURSELF
  • Frustration #3: Not Seeing Quick Enough Results

Now, here we go with #4

Frustration #4: Feeling Miserable!

Have you ever paid attention to the first 3 letters of the word “DIET’?

D-I-E … That’s exactly what most weight loss approaches make you feel like you’re going to do! It’s also why most weight loss programs don’t work. Heck, it’s why you cheat on yourself (as referenced in Frustration #2). No human being can feel cruddy, lethargic and hungry very long before they cheat, quit, or fall off another diet wagon.

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