Sugar: Revisited

Contributed by Dr. Shaun Adams & Dr. Brett Wisniewski*

We are currently in the middle of a global crisis.  Diabetes, heart disease, obesity and mood disorders are all on the rise.  What if I was to tell you that they all have one familiar thing in common?  What if I could show you simple ways to improve your health by sifting through the lies and misconceptions?  The following is just a piece to this puzzle we call health care; but a very important one. I’m not sure if there is a nutritional topic with greater misinformation than sugar consumption and sources.  To begin we need a brief overview of sugar.

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Quit Your Ditching

Wow! How fast did January seem to fly by? It seems like we are just a few weeks past the New Year’s Eve Ball dropping, but BOOM! The month is over! How is 2019 going for you?

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The Real Skinny on “Diet Drinks” & Artificial Sweeteners

Contributed by Dr. Brandon Pettke, D.C.; Activate Metabolics Clinical Advisor

For years we have been marketed to by several food and beverage companies that no calorie and low calorie foods lead to weight loss. If you have tried this method, and still struggle to lose weight and get healthy, then today’s topic might be part of your solution!

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My Doctor Told Me to Lose Weight!

…But didn’t tell me HOW or give me a PLAN!

As we meet and consult with people about our clinical weight loss program, we routinely hear them say exactly what that headline says. “My doctor told me I needed to lose some weight”. Ever heard that yourself from one of your healthcare providers?

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Chance … Or Change?

We teach, talk and write a lot about the necessity of our clients (or anybody for that matter) to lock into their “WHY” when they begin their weight loss journey. Why does it REALLY matter? Why should they pursue a focused lifestyle change? Why is it important? How will their life be different … or better?

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