Are you like Houdini?

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Have you ever heard of Harry Houdini? He is known as one of the greatest “escape artists” of all time. There is a story about one of his “near failures” that all of us can learn from. As it applies to this blog, many people struggling to lose weight can absolutely benefit.

At the height of his career, Houdini was challenged by the owners of a European bank to attempt to break out of their new vault – which they believed was impenetrable. Houdini accepted. In his escape challenges, he always required two things: a curtain covering the area he was working to escape (so nobody could observe his tricks) and the ability to kiss his wife before the challenge started. Often when they would kiss, his wife would pass something mouth-to-mouth that he could use to escape. Houdini was an expert at picking locks!

The curtain dropped and the challenge started. For a few minutes Houdini made no progress at picking the lock. In fact, after a bit, he got pretty anxious and began to perspire. This escape was critical for his career. A failure with all the media there could damage it greatly. Another few minutes, and he was sweating profusely. He stopped and got in his pocket for his handkerchief. As he did, he leaned against the vault door …and the big door swung open!

The truth of the matter is the door had never even been locked … except in Houdini’s mind!

We find that this happens to many people as they are aiming to drop weight and move toward wellness. Their mind locks things up. They tend to see “doors locked” when it comes to things like adjusting their eating habits, learning new foods and information, being held accountable, shifting their lifestyle, and achieving their ideal, healthy weight.

When one invests time to read, listen and observe how others have achieved super success in any area of life or work, you will see that all high achievers have had certain traits that are consistent among them. One of the most glaring traits is confidence in their abilities – and a strong belief of what’s possible when they apply themselves. They are POSSIBILITY THINKERS!

This is true whether we talk of famous athletes like Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Joe Montana, Payton Manning, etc. Or, business people like Lee Iacocca, Sam Walton, Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos, etc. Or, people from history such as Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, or Henry Ford. In fact, it was Ford who said,

“Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right!”

Boom! It’s the same thing with weight loss. The most successful “losers” and the ones who get control and make a focused lifestyle change make the change first in their mind. Is the door locked or unlocked in your mind?

It really does come down to this: unlock your mind and DECIDE to design your future. It has been said:

“Some people make the future; most wait for the future to make them.”

We are not certain who to credit for that phrase. It’s not an original by us, but it sure is one that we recommend you etching in your mind. Similarly, Ralph Waldo Emerson put it this way,

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.”

The weight loss program we use has several key facets that, when combined, enable us to help many people. From strategic eating based on today’s latest understanding of metabolism … to science-based factors such as computerized body composition analysis and genetic testing to uncover unique factors and provide an individualized plan for each client. In addition, there are some important nutritional supplements we use along with quality communication, support and doctor oversight. Together these things provide an excellent formula for weight loss success.

However, be sure to know this: It’s not ALL about things you can “DO”. Healthy and effective weight loss is also a matter of mind-set, belief and deciding. Success, in ANY endeavor, is a combination of powerful thinking and strategic action done with passion and persistence.

The bottom line is this: If you’re struggling with weight loss, the real question may be … how is YOUR mind? Is it locked? Or, just needing to be pushed open? Don’t be a Houdini … at least not like he was in the story above! Learn from him. Stop thinking that opportunities and possibilities are locked. Believe you can. Decide you will. Open the doors to weight loss and wellness in your life. Be a future maker!

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