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We are excited to announce that we can help you with your weight loss and wellness needs right now – as we are all experiencing the COVID-19 lock downs!

As a provider of the Activate Metabolics Program – a Genetic Based, Doctor Supervised weight loss program, we now have the systems, tools and support to deliver our proven weight loss program in a HIPAA compliant manner using tele-health procedures.

Damon Walton, D.C., President and Developer of Activate Metabolics said “Tele-health immediately became a requirement in health care. For us, it was one of those things we had been working on here and there over the past several months. Not because we foresaw the whole COVID19 dilemma, but because of general tech trends. Once the lock downs started, our team went into high gear to finish up our work. We adapted our proven systems, enabled forms to be easily exchanged in a compliant manner and added the tele-health platform. In a matter of a few days our doctors were provided all they needed to carry on with helping people.”

We are excited about this expansion of our services and we remain passionate about being able to help people through this challenging time. Despite the restrictions we are all experiencing, the last thing we feel anyone should do is come out on the other side of this thing in worse shape than when we went in. There are, indeed, ways to make this time beneficial health-wise!

As a member of the Activate Metabolics leadership team and owner of two weight loss clinics himself, Bart Anderson, D.C. added “People always remain concerned with their weight challenges. Right now, is no different. Most are less active. With the lack of structure, many are eating more often and more poorly than ever before. Not to mention the stress associated with the Corona situation. All of this is a recipe for disaster when it comes to our already staggering overweight and obesity rates.”

Our quick transition is a clear win-win. Combining a timely tech solution for an ongoing complaint and concern like weight challenges will enable us to help people during their lock down. Our mission is always to help impact the obesity epidemic. Using this approach enables that work to continue through this risky time you may find yourself in when it comes to your weight.

The Activate Metabolics program has been successfully used in our clinic - and dozens of others across the country. Established in 2014, Activate Metabolics incorporates scientific tools such as computerized Body Composition Analysis and Genetic Testing for individualized plans along with the latest proven strategic eating approaches and un-matched support by trained team players. In contrast to being just another “fad diet”, these factors together enable participants to focus on individual challenges plus learn ideal and personalized nutrition and exercise in order to make a focused and lasting lifestyle change. The Activate Metabolics program has already resulted in tens of thousands of pounds lost nationwide. 

If you are struggling through this lock down time with your weight loss efforts, we encourage you to reach out to learn more. To do that, just click or call and get started today right from the comfort and safety of your home using our tele-health approach.

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