“I have TOO MUCH to lose.”

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Have you ever said – or maybe even just thought this about yourself?

For many people, the mere amount they want/need to lose creates a such a big mental block that it prevents them from even starting. The significant weight loss they desire makes the journey required seem so daunting that many simply avoid the idea altogether.

This thought process is very similar to someone using phrases like:

“I’m just a lost cause.”
“I’m too far gone.”
“It’s hopeless”.

No! Please, No! Do not let those defeated thoughts creep in!

We are here to tell you: It is NOT hopeless! We have had many people lose amazing amounts of weight. In fact, the Activate Metabolics Clinical Weight Loss program (which we use in our clinic) has a few dozen providers across the country who have seen many, many “triple digit” losers. By this we mean patients who have lost in excess of 100 pounds. Some clients have lost well more than 200 pounds. So, please do not let a BIG number or need stand in your way of pursuing that goal!

Let’s address how do we do this with clients needing to lose a larger amount. Surely, you have heard the proverbial question …

“How do you eat an elephant?”

The answer is: One bite at time.

Those BIG, seemingly impossible accomplishments simply have to be “chunked down”. Get a little victory here … and another one there. Allow those little battles won to eventually lead you to winning “the war”. Think about it any way you want in order to get your head around the fact that it IS possible!

But the WRONG thing to do is toss in the towel!

Let’s think about this a bit more: Why does this situation of having a large amount to lose even happen in the first place?

It comes back to a key word we’ve touched on in past blog called TOLERATIONS. Remember seeing that? Of not, I encourage you to read back through some previous blogs.

“Tolerations” is what we call it when, over time, we allow less than ideal circumstances or less than preferred situations to persist. If we do this over time, we ultimately experience a progressive build up; bit by bit; year after year. It happens over time.

Well, if our weight came ON over time, why would we expect anything different as it comes OFF?

If a large amount of weight needing shed is a limiting thought when it comes to your weight loss, we encourage you to CHUNK DOWN your goals.

Get them down to small more digestible wins … and even more manageable action steps. Start with a goal that IS achievable. Do a few key action steps on a consistent basis. See how that works for you. See how it affects a few measures. If your BMI is 35, just get it under 30 … still overweight but not in the “obese” category. If it’s 45 get it under 40, then to 35. These are great victories!

As you do this, your desire will move from a “hope” or a “wish” that seems TOO big to be true to an expectation and a belief. It WILL become evident that this IS doable.

It IS doable … bite by bite of that elephant. Step by step. Moving in the RIGHT direction over TIME. Never fall into the limiting belief that it’s too late or there’s TOO much to lose. And remember the ol’ saying …

“Inch by inch life is a cinch”.

It’s the same with weight loss! Click or call soon and let’s make that statement a reality in YOUR life!

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