“It’s Uncomfortable to Change.”

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There are many forms of unhealthy or limited thinking when it comes to weight loss. We have covered a handful of them over the past several blogs. The simple truth is this:

Many people’s biggest challenge to changing their waistline lies right between their ears!

Many people struggling with their weight (or with their health overall) tend to want to say: It’s uncomfortable to change.

We 100% understand this. But think about this: It’s uncomfortable to stay the same, too! Isn’t it?

Maybe it’s uncomfortable to not look the way you want to look?

Maybe it’s uncomfortable to look into the mirror or see yourself in a photo?

Maybe it’s uncomfortable – even scary to think you may not live as long as you should? Or see someone special in your life grow up, get married, or even be born? THAT is uncomfortable.

It’s no doubt VERY uncomfortable dealing with diagnoses, medical care, medications and the impending long-term effects of chronic conditions related to being over-weight or obese (i.e. heart disease, type 2 diabetes, certain cancers, etc.)

Maybe those seem too radical or distant for you. Maybe it’s more basic and it’s just uncomfortable not being able to do some simple activity or hobby that’s important to you?

Perhaps, trying on clothes is an uncomfortable process?

Maybe it’s uncomfortable to even do your JOB!

Maybe for you some common everyday things are physically uncomfortable … like maybe trying to ride in an airplane (as seen in this picture)


  Successful coaches, counselors and mentors say it over and over when it comes to achieving anything important in life:

“You are either in the pain or in the pain.”

In other words, sometimes we have to CHOOSE our discomfort. We can choose to be uncomfortable as we make an effort to be healthy and living at our ideal/goal weight. Or we can choose to be uncomfortable with the physical, emotional and financial ramifications of NOT working to do that.

Here’s a statement that may rub some people wrong: Being obese (or just overweight) in America is VERY common. Statistically, it almost seems to be the “norm” in our country. Well, it may be COMMON and the comfortable way of doing things … But it should NOT be the norm. It is NOT how we are designed to optimally function and live. 

In closing: Yes, change CAN be uncomfortable. It probably WILL be! But embracing CHANGE in the way you THINK and the things you DO is the way your lifestyle shifts for the better … and life gets better. Legendary speaker, author and personal improvement guru, Jim Rohn, had a saying that sums this up and stands the test of time:

It does not matter HOW you have thought about CHANGE up till now. It only matters how you think and what you do moving forward! Don’t CHANCE it! Think about that. Then, when you are ready for a great team (like ours) to journey through that change with you, just click or call. We are Masters of Change!

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