“I’ve tried many times before. I can’t lose the weight.”

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Have you ever said the phrase above? It is frequently heard in our consultations with people interested and inquiring into our weight loss program. It is a very common – and limiting thought. We suggest people to not repeatedly say this. And, certainly, don’t believe it about yourself. The simple truth is this:

  • Maybe you have never really known HOW to do it … yet.
  • Maybe you do not truly understand YOUR metabolism … yet.
  • Maybe you have never had the proper support … yet.
  • Maybe it has not been important enough … yet.

Don’t take that last bullet point the wrong way and get upset or offended. Don’t stop reading!

Sometimes weight loss in a person’s life has just not been important enough to them at a particular time. For some, that time does not come until a life changing diagnosis has been given. For others, it’s when a particular size clothing or weight number on a scale is hit. Still others are motivated by certain life events like a relationship, an upcoming wedding or reunion, a grandchild being born and things like that. The reason WHY is simply different for everybody.

The point here is that maybe you have “tried” to lose weight in the past, but not really had that deep, meaningful reason to COMMIT … yet. We see this very, very frequently.

So, do not say you “can’t”. The fact is you most likely CAN lose it. Pretty much everyone CAN lose weight. The trick is losing it in a good, healthy way. The bottom line is this: when put in the proper scenario using science and great support, nearly everyone CAN lose it.

So, let’s put the limiting mindset of “I Can’t Do It” aside and simply agree that maybe the course taken in the past just hasn’t allowed it to happen … YET.

Moving forward do not limit your opportunity to make changes with your weight, your health or your life by using the word “can’t”. Instead, use the word “YET”.

Another suggested word shift to make is this: Don’t “try” to lose weight. Instead, COMMIT to a new and different LIFESTYLE!

Perhaps a good replacement to the quote in the title at the top of the page could be this:

  • I’m committing like never before.
  • Maybe I haven’t lost weight in the past.
  • But I now know I CAN.
  • I am ready. So, now I WILL!

Click or call sometime soon and let’s make that statement a reality in YOUR life like so many others in our center are doing!

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