Science-Based Secret #6

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Your D-N-A holds the answers for Y-O-U!

Talk about predictability … perhaps THE biggest and most important advancement in SCIENCE when it comes to understanding weight loss for a given individual is this one!

A well-known clinical study was done by one of America’s top universities, Stanford University. The purpose of the study was to determine if DNA testing may be effective in assisting people to lose weight.

When compared to other well-established weight loss programs (maybe some of those out there you’ve tried in the past), those people that were on a meal plan designed specific to THEIR genetic profile lost 2.5 times more weight AND they were much more successful in keeping the weight off compared to those not on an individualized plan. The science speaks for itself!

What if you were given a detailed report about the specific ratios of your calories you should be EATING of proteins, fats and carbohydrates? What would that pie-graph look like for you? Science demonstrates exactly what you would think: it is not the same for everyone!

 The same is true for the best FITNESS a person should be doing to ideally impact their metabolism. That’s not the same for everyone either – and it’s exactly why many people spend hours in the gym or doing some sort of fitness that doesn’t seem to help them get their desired results. How frustrating would that be to invest the time, energy and money … and not lose weight?

A final section of the DNA reports we use focuses on genetics and BEHAVIOR. This looks at the genetic link to various chemicals and metabolic hormones which drive signaling and therefore behaviors such as hunger, satiation, cravings, food and mood, sugar and more! Details like this simply help us understand why we are challenged in certain ways … and prove that weight loss is MORE THAN JUST “WILL POWER”.

The truth of the matter is metabolism and genetics are two of THE most critical pieces of the puzzle when it comes to weight loss and weight maintenance. Yet, very few Americans realize this. They are literally ignorant (there’s that word again) to the fact that this all plays a part. They are guessing and probably more accurately crossing their fingers and HOPING the next fad diet works for them.

Heck, many doctors are ignorant and guessing, too! Very few of them implement this recent science and DNA testing into a weight loss program or even sensible and effective counseling for their patients. Rather, they merely continue to treat the EFFECTS of the overweight or obese condition rather than get to the CAUSE of it.

If you are struggling to shed some unwanted pounds AND are ready to get some SCIENCE BASED answers once and for all, we think this is a key SECRET based on SCIENCE! To learn more call, click or just come in!

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