Science-Based Secret #7

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Different Types of Fitness Fit Different Types of People!

It’s very, very difficult to exercise your way to skinny. SCIENCE repeatedly shows us that: Shifting what you eat, when you eat it, how much you eat and what you use to supplement that fuel plays a much more significant role in weight loss and weight stabilization that exercise alone. Still, fitness is a factor … it must be!

Yet it is another area where many Americans are behind in what SCIENCE has shown to be most effective. Study after study demonstrate that something called Short Burst Training has a much greater impact on fat burning. How particular activities affect different muscle types and thus the lasting fat burning effect is critical for you to understand in order to simplify fat loss.

And it’s more than that. Just like we said regarding your DNA holding answers to the ratios of macro-nutrients like proteins, fats and carbs … it also holds details about the type, intensity and cumulative amount of fitness that would be best for YOUR body.

Some people do the wrong type of fitness. Some don’t work the explosive muscles like they should; others do work that is ACTUALLY too stressful for their system. That causes stress hormones to be released. Stress hormones cause the body to HOLD fat!

Imagined that: you spend the time, energy and money to exercise, but what you are doing may be COUNTER productive for weight loss. Maybe you have sensed this? Maybe it’s time to let SCIENCE help you in this area, too!

Exercise …. But don’t waste your time exercising! Let our DNA testing help you!

This wraps up our short blog series called “7 SCIENCE Based SECRETS” to effectively losing and managing your weight. Just to summarize here they are all together one more time:

1. You Must Understand Your Body’s Composition.
2. Some Prescription Medications Actually Cause & Contribute To Weight Gain!
3. There are all natural supplements & formulas that help jump start metabolism!
4. There’s more to it than just “eating less”.
5. “Intermittent Fasting” Pushes Your Body to Burn Fat.
6. Your D-N-A holds the answers for Y-O-U!
7. Different types of fitness fit different kinds of people!

We hope you have pulled a gem or two from this series. Stay tuned as we begin to shift our attention from the science to a bit of the “psychology” of weight loss. In our next short series we will hit on “11 Limiting Mindsets that Prevent Fat Loss”. Now there’s an interesting perspective … could your thinking be standing in your way to weight loss? Could your mind affect your body in this way? Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, we invite you to click, call or just come in to see how these 7 Science Based Secrets may help Y-O-U!

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