Why 15% of 2022 Matters!

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We like to address this simple point every year. Whether you’ve seen it before or not, ask yourself this question:

WHAT IF ... the year was only 300 (or so) days long rather than 365?

How would you adjust your annual goals? Perhaps, you would have to scale some things back because you wouldn’t be able to fit as much in. There would be less time for accomplishing all you want to; less time to spend with loved ones; less time to travel.

Here's another weird question: IF a year was that short, how many years OLD would you be now? Yikes! 😊

WHAT IF ... a day was just like 20 hours long? How much less would you expect to accomplish in a day? 

Let's go a different direction. WHAT IF ... the stock market dropped 15%? Ouch! How much would that alarm you or bum you out? It would certainly be all over the news! 

Or, WHAT IF ... your paycheck or (if you are a business owner) your company’s revenue dropped 15% all the sudden? Uh-oh! How would that impact your lifestyle or your business?

The point is this: 15% MATTERS! 

There seems to be a common and pervading mindset as we get into November that it's time to start winding down .... to begin totally coasting into the end of the year. The world, it seems, tends to default this way. But here's the reality: 

You still have 15% of this year to live, to give, to enjoy, to earn, to LOSE WEIGHT and move toward WELLNESS!

Do NOT buy into the world's mediocre mindset that that you will now begin to COAST into the end of the year. Chances are you will not be happy with yourself and your results if you do. You MUST be conscious and pro-active to avoid this mediocre coasting (or quitting) mentality. Consider this …

Imagine you set out to run a marathon. It's 26.2 miles. You set that goal, you train, and you work for months. You are passionate about completing it.

As the race progresses, you come upon the 22.5 miles marker. You have about 15% of the run remaining. You realize you DO have the ability and CHOICE to press on and finish. But you lose focus for some unknown reason ... and just stop. You drop out. 

Later, after re-thinking the whole thing, you realize "I could have finished that race. I could have accomplished my goal." 

Think about how that would make you feel. 85% of the marathon was good and done... but that 15% MATTERS. It's what allows you to achieve and COMPLETE the goal!  

We encourage you to press on. Stay focused. Kick it into the finish line. Focus on the final 15%! Finish the "race" (called 2022) strong! You will feel much better about yourself!

Obviously, we are advocates of healthy breaks, vacations and taking time to dis-engage or unplug. But, be conscious to control such times. Think about it:

When we are coasting, we are either losing momentum or heading downhill.

In the world of weight loss and wellness a lot can happen in 15% of the year!

The end of the year can be awesome or awful. It’s your choice!

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