Adam lost over 100 lbs lbs at HealthMax Weight Loss Center of Hudson


Male, 40+ lbs

Adam lost over 100 lbs. in less than a year!

Linda lost 24 lbs in 41 days at HealthMax Weight Loss Center of Hudson

Linda C.

Female, 20-40 lbs

I’m so thankful that I joined the Activate DNA-based Weight Loss Center. I’ve lost 24 pounds in my first 41 days and can’t wait to lose more

Since starting this journey, I’ve continued to feel great. I have COPD and the weight loss has been a great life saver for me. I noticed with the first 10 lbs how much easier everything is from walking to bending over. My insomnia went away and I sleep so much better now.

I loved buying new clothes but never liked the way the clothes looked on me before the weight loss.

If you have a weight issue and ant to look and feel good, join this program. The Activate DNA-based Weight Loss team is always there to help you. Always friendly and supportive!

Linda C.

Rick lost 47.8 lbs at HealthMax Weight Loss Center of Hudson

Rick lost 47.8 lbs

Male, 40+ lbs

I decided to finally make the mental effort to lose significant weight because I needed to. Health issues started to be a concern and was mostly due to excessive weight. I asked myself, “if not now, when?”

Since I went “all in” to the program I have seen daily weight loss and I believe I am feeling and looking better.

The beauty of the program is I am never hungry. Sure, a pizza or cheeseburger sounds great, but the cravings don’t win over the results that I have seen daily.

The Activate DNA-based Weight Lossstaff are supportive, but not too much. They mold to your needs. The program definitely works if you are honest to yourself and the easily laid out instructions.